July 16th, 2018
Port Jersey Logistics featured in Inbound Logistics article: “3PLs Put on the White Gloves”

Logistics service providers reveal how they treat their customers like VIPs.

Order breakfast in a diner, and if the server comes back fast with hot eggs and home fries on a clean plate, and then returns with refills on coffee, you’ve had good service.

But order breakfast in an upscale hotel and you might expect a bit more: table linens, just-baked croissants, maybe a rose in a silver vase.

Good service is what third-party logistics (3PL) providers must deliver just to stay in business. Outstanding service is what 3PLs deliver to stand apart from the competition, delight their shippers, and gain a stellar reputation.

How do 3PLs deliver white-glove service?: Read the full article here