March 29th, 2018
Start Planning Today! – Port Jersey Logistics Listed in Inbound Logistics’ 2018 Logistics Planner

Port Jersey Logistics is thrilled to once again be listed in Inbound Logistics’ Logistics Planner, the premier supply chain and logistics resource and guide to market leaders. As a winner of multiple Top 100 3PL Providers awards through Inbound Logistics, Port Jersey Logistics was a clear choice to be included in the 2018 Logistics Planner.  A major part of Inbound Logistics’ mission has been to help companies meet their current and future needs by identifying and selecting the best carriers, the most effective technology, and the finest logistics providers. The Logistics Planner is designed to help grow businesses and improve supply chain operation by bringing together all of these different players in one place.

The Logistics Planner is a 500-page guide containing profiles of 3PLs, warehousing companies, technology providers, transportation providers, economic development companies, with the goal of helping companies cut transportation and logistics costs and boost efficiency. The web version of the Logistics Planner enables users to search 100 in-depth company profiles and then build and send an Request for Proposal (RFP) to get expert solutions to their logistics challenges.

Visit our profile today to learn more about what Port Jersey Logistics can do for you!:

Download our Logistics Planner Profile: Port Jersey Logistics – Logistics Planner Profiles – Inbound Logistics

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