September 20th, 2019
Global Trade Magazine Awards Port Jersey Logistics As One Of America’s Top 50 Third-Party Logistics Providers for 2019

Global Trade Magazine September/October 2019: “Getting your product from point A to point B isn’t as easy as it seems. From warehousing to picking and packing to repackaging and labeling, your product can go through several steps before it ever hits the delivery vehicles. Thankfully, there are business that can help streamline this process and let you focus on more important things, like running your business. Those businesses are third-party logistics providers or 3PLs.

Despite their diverse beginning and current expertise, this year’s Top 50 3PLs all have one thing in common: a major focus on customer service. From dedicated customer service teams working ‘round the clock to the desire to save you money in every facet of your supply chain, these 50 providers want to be more than just providers but partners in your business success.”

Port Jersey Logistics

One of the leading 3PLs on the East Coast, Port Jersey Logistics was founded in 1954 by Bob Russo. Sixty-five years later, Russo’s son Rob Russo still runs the family owned business. Port Jersey Logistics specializes in the warehousing and transportion of food. Each location is certified food-grade, AIB approved and organic certified. They are also FDA registered and licensed by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. In addition to logistics, Port Jersey offers fulfillment services like kitting, packing, wrapping, labeling, ticketing and more.

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