KeHE Vendor Consolidation Program

KeHE Vendor Consolidation Program Why overcomplicate your supply chain? Avoid headaches and costly hiccups while saving money with our KeHE Vendor Consolidation Program through our warehousing operation, Tyler Distribution Centers, Inc. View the image below (click for full-size) and contact Tyler Distribution today to find out how your company can benefit from the program.KeHE Vendor Consolidation Program...
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The 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Transportation Management – “The 3 Es”

The 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Transportation Management – “The 3 Es” Big decisions never come easy. Especially when the decision involves moving thousands of dollars' worth of freight across the country. With the growth of e-commerce and increases in consumer spending, transportation will only become more complex and more in demand. Your business will be faced with the decision to run your own transportation operation or outsource to a transportation management provider. While both choices have pros and cons, there are 3 definite advantages to outsourcing...
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How to Ensure That You’re Servicing Your Vendors Correctly

How to Ensure That You're Servicing Your Vendors Correctly Chargebacks…the phrase alone might send chills down your spine. Chargebacks do nothing more than diminish your profit margin, yet they are becoming more of an industry norm.  Some vendors have a reputation for assessing chargebacks for products they receive which do not conform to their requirements and others simply reject the goods. Whichever quality control measures that your vendors enforce, keeping up with their standards is a full-time job in itself. No matter how many new guidelines...
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