How The Right Warehousing Provider Can Help You Grow Your Retailer Relationships

Success is a puzzle. When the next big thing fails, everyone is left questioning what went wrong? Was there too much competition? Was there a lack of quality? Was there enough planning? While there isn’t a definite formula to success (if there was, everyone would use it), experts always seem to pin-point one common denominator in successful businesses: relationships. Relationships internally, relationships with suppliers and most importantly, relationships with customers. In the world of retail, your products will be sold to multiple retailers,...

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Transporting Containers from the Ports? Watch Out for these Container Drayage Complications

Like the Pilgrims centuries ago, your freight has finally completed its long voyage across the ocean. Thankfully, the hard part is over, right? Not so fast. Carriers are currently facing a multitude of challenges that make container drayage a difficult task. You don’t want things to go sour on the final leg of the journey, take these potential complications into consideration when planning the transportation of your containers:

Tolls – Transporting containers from certain ports can incur expensive tolls, especially if...

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How to Ramp Up for Peak Holiday Shipping Season

To the uninitiated, it may seem crazy to already be talking about the holiday season. However, for those of us in the logistics business, we’re well aware that the summer is peak season for receiving, where inventories are built up to support the peak shipping season beginning in September. Seasonal and holiday themed products have been flowing into warehouses since the beginning of July and are starting to ship out to retailer distribution centers. Whether it’s pumpkin spiced cookies or peppermint bark chocolate,...

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