We Surveyed Our Clients – Here’s What They Told Us About the Logistics Industry

The state of the logistics industry always seems to be in flux. Whether it’s tariffs, regulations or technology, something is always around the corner to either improve or disrupt the flow of goods in the United States. That’s part of the reason why we at Port Jersey Logistics survey our clients every year, not only to gauge our performance but also to find out what our clients need and expect from us. In a year filled with natural disasters and global trade fears,...

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How to Choose the Right Port of Entry for Your Imported Goods

Jackpot! You’ve created an enticing new product, manufacturing went off without a hitch, and consumers are waiting impatiently to purchase it. Now how do you get it to them? If your products are manufactured abroad, choosing the right port of entry is one of the most difficult and important decisions you will make as a company. Which port you choose will influence your entire operation, and should ultimately come down to cost and convenience. However, there are more costs to consider than just...

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