Chocolate, Candy and Confectionery Logistics: What You Need To Know About Temperature-Controlled Warehousing and Transportation

One way to ruin Valentine’s Day? By bringing home a box of chocolates to your significant other and upon opening it up, discovering a monstrosity of chocolate, caramel and nougat that has melted and formed into a single block. How to spoil Easter? By handing your children a basket of deformed yellow and pink peeps, mushy chocolate eggs and disappointment. How to be a letdown on Halloween? By realizing 15 minutes before nightfall that your entire candy...

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We Surveyed Our Clients – Here’s What They Told Us About the Logistics Industry

The state of the logistics industry always seems to be in flux. Whether it’s tariffs, regulations or technology, something is always around the corner to either improve or disrupt the flow of goods in the United States. That’s part of the reason why we at Port Jersey Logistics survey our clients every year, not only to gauge our performance but also to find out what our clients need and expect from us. In a year filled with natural disasters and global trade fears,...

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