From AIB to Z: The ABCs of Operating a Food Warehouse

From the outside looking in, operating a food warehouse may seem fairly simple. How difficult could it be to store pallets of finished food products in the same location until they’re ready to be shipped out? In reality, there are many policies and procedures that are essential for a warehouse to be up-to-par for food storage. As anyone who has seen an episode of the television show Kitchen Nightmares can vouch, storing food until it’s ready for consumption is not just a “set...

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2019 Natural Products Expo West Trends

2019 Natural Products Expo West Trends2019 Natural Products Expo West Trends

Another year, another Expo West, and another fresh batch of innovative and exciting products. Here are a few trends that our team discovered at the 2019 Natural Products Expo West when they stepped away from serving up logistics advice at our booth: Flour Substitutes: vegetable or vegetable flour substitutes for what have typically been grain/flour based products. Examples include cauliflower based pizza crust and cauliflower crackers/chips. Product Diversification:...
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Port Jersey Logistics Turns 65 – What Have We Learned From Our History in Third-Party Logistics?

Cranbury, NJ, 3/12/2019 Third-party logistics provider Port Jersey is excited to celebrate another major milestone: our 65th anniversary. The story of Port Jersey Logistics dates back to 1954, the year Bob Russo purchased his first truck in Jersey City, NJ and operated as a pickup and delivery carrier serving the grocery industry in the greater NY and NJ market. The late 1960’s ushered Port Jersey Logistics into the Public Warehousing business, when Bob partnered with Tony Becker, a friend he met while...

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