How EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Can Simplify Your Supply Chain and Save You Money

In a world before internet, e-mail or text messages, EDI may have been a difficult concept to grasp, but today, it should be a no-brainer. Many major retailers require that your company is able to receive EDI Purchase Orders (EDI 850) in order to do business with them, however, for manufacturers or importers who receive these EDI 850s, that’s often the end of the EDI process. EDI, which stands for Electronic Data Interchange, is simply the most logical way to communicate your logistics requests with...
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What makes New Jersey so desirable for warehousing?

What makes New Jersey so desirable for warehousing? New Jersey is known for diners, beaches and rock stars, but soon, the Garden State may be best known for warehousing. With Amazon, Wayfair and countless other companies opening fulfillment and distribution centers here, there’s no question that New Jersey is becoming the de facto location for warehousing. The rate at which warehouses and distribution centers open will only continue to grow as consumers demand increasingly speedy delivery. With so many geographical locations to choose from throughout the...
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Port Jersey Logistics featured in Inbound Logistics article: “3PLs Put on the White Gloves”

Logistics service providers reveal how they treat their customers like VIPs.

Order breakfast in a diner, and if the server comes back fast with hot eggs and home fries on a clean plate, and then returns with refills on coffee, you've had good service. But order breakfast in an upscale hotel and you might expect a bit more: table linens, just-baked croissants, maybe a rose in a silver vase. Good service is what third-party logistics (3PL) providers must deliver just to stay in business. Outstanding service is...
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