Proper Inventory Rotation Reduces Lost Products and Saves Money!

As the mid-point between your manufacturing facility and your customers, your warehouse is the heart of your supply chain. Without a proper warehouse setup, your supply chain will not flow smoothly, resulting in possible shipment delays or even worse, your customers receiving product that could be expired! One of the most important aspects of your warehouse setup is choosing the proper inventory rotation technique based on the characteristics of your products. Unfortunately, most discussions about inventory rotation methods revolve around confusing acronyms that are often...
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Continental Logistics expands drayage services from major ports throughout the USA

While we call New Jersey home, our reach doesn’t end here. As a non-asset based transportation provider, Continental Logistics has the flexibility to provide container drayage to and from major ports throughout the United States. To meet the demands of our diverse clients, we’ve assembled our carrier-base to include carriers who can pre-pull and store containers and handle overweight containers, bonded goods, temperature controlled cargo and alcohol. Together with our network of qualified carriers, we’ve pulled over 3,000 containers in the last year from the...
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Don’t let poor packaging create a logistics nightmare

Your consumer packaging is eye-catching, but what happens when your shipper carton is not up to par? Proper packaging is essential to avoiding product damages throughout the journey from manufacturer to consumer. While many companies focus on the outside of packaging and the visual appeal to the customer, the carton itself is an afterthought. Unfortunately, packaging issues can end up leading to major supply chain issues down the road, delaying products from reaching consumers. Choosing the proper outer carton packaging for your products will save you...
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