How Can You Avoid Direct Store Delivery Project Failures?

If you’ve been unsatisfied with your direct store delivery projects in the past, it’s time to try a new approach. Direct store deliveries are advantageous because they allow you to ship direct to a retail store or distribution center and avoid costly delays for fast-moving products. While direct store delivery projects can be complex, nuanced and time-sensitive, with a proper plan in place, they can be easily managed. At Continental Logistics, we’ve found that a highly hands-on approach is absolutely necessary for successful DSD projects. Temperature...
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Why Proper Carton Labeling is Important in Your Supply Chain

In the world of supply chain, data and accuracy leads to success. The easier it is to obtain accurate data, the smoother the operation will flow. Being able to quickly identify products is vital in every touch point in your supply chain. Some key points to be aware of are: Item Number and Product Description
  • Each outer carton should have the item number and product description clearly printed in a large font on a side of the carton that will be easily visible when palletized....
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Smart Warehousing – Utilizing a Warehouse Management System for Success

At Tyler Distribution Centers Inc., our smart warehousing management system is designed to be customer friendly and offers functions to ensure that products are stored, rotated and fulfilled properly. As consumer demand for variety has grown, so have the number of SKUs produced by manufacturers. The demand for new and unique products has required manufacturers to consistently expand their product offerings to stay relevant. Changing consumer preferences have also allowed many smaller manufacturers to enter the market. With orders becoming increasingly complex, many of these manufacturers...
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