Port Jersey Logistics featured in Inbound Logistics article: “3PLs Put on the White Gloves”

Logistics service providers reveal how they treat their customers like VIPs.

Order breakfast in a diner, and if the server comes back fast with hot eggs and home fries on a clean plate, and then returns with refills on coffee, you've had good service. But order breakfast in an upscale hotel and you might expect a bit more: table linens, just-baked croissants, maybe a rose in a silver vase. Good service is what third-party logistics (3PL) providers must deliver just to stay in business. Outstanding service is...
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2018 Summer Fancy Food Show Trends

Optimism prevailed throughout the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show. As the economy continues to improve, consumers are spending more and becoming increasingly adventurous with their product choices. Millennial preferences are shaping the future of specialty food and enabling the industry to experience unprecedented growth. The shifting market focus is also forcing manufacturers to become more creative and transparent. Beyond tasting good, products need to be original and tell a story. Snacks and beverages continue to be the product categories with the highest level of innovation. Convenience...
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Port Jersey Logistics Unveils Plans for Growth and Capital Improvements in Transportation & Logistics International

Port Jersey Logistics is honored to be featured in the latest edition of Transportation & Logistics International. The article outlines our five-year plan, which focuses on growing our transportation division’s services, making investments into improving the efficiency of our logistics system solutions, and exploring the possibility of moving into new territory. Click here to read the full article Click here to view our Transportation & Logistics International profile...
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