Port NY/NJ Container Volume Increasing while Warehouse Capacity is Not

Last week the Wall Street Journal, in there newly minted "Logistics Report", published an article outlining the continually reducing warehouse capacity in the surrounding areas of the New York / New Jersey Port Terminals.  With a 10.5% year over year volume increase through the end of June, we're already seeing the warehouse capacity shrink in the market.  As many people in the logistics business know, part of the 10.5% grow is due to shifting volumes from the West Coast ports in an effort to lessen...
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Logistically speaking, working together works best

By Andrew Sheldon, August 3, 2015 at 3:00 AM
Erik Holck, the business development manager of Port Jersey Logistics, gives a tour of the Cranbury facility. - (PHOTO BY AARON HOUSTON)
Erik Holck moved through the halls of Port Jersey Logistics’ new office and warehouse facility with great familiarity, stopping and greeting all the workers by name. Holck, the company’s business development manager, interacts with a casual attitude. “That’s what it’s about — working together,” he tells an employee who approaches him, fills him in...
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Port Jersey Logistics Highlighted In NJBIZ

Today NJBIZ posted an article highlighting the consolidation process PJL went through during the course of the past year.  This process was rich with takeaways including one underlying theme which continued to present itself day in and day out: with good communication and by working together anything can be accomplished. The article in NJBIZ can be found by clicking the link below. Logistically speaking, working together works best
About NJBIZ -  New Jersey's only weekly business journal covering the entire state, was founded in 1987. The publication...
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