Port Congestion: How to Avoid the Headache

What’s the best medicine for port congestion? Imports are surging and ports in major metropolitan areas present an attractive proposition for importers: quicker speed to market with a high density of consumers within a short distance. However, with surging volumes, this close access to a large concentration of consumers is a recipe for congestion. Port congestion has many causes and effects and is not unique to any one area in the US. As of January 2019, the average container turnaround time for port terminals located...
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Container Loading Format Showdown

Are you spending too much on ocean freight? Do you find that your freight doesn't have enough support during shipment? Do you feel like you're essentially paying to ship air or empty space? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to reconsider your container loading format.
So, how do palletized loads stack up against slip-sheeted loads? And can floor-loads make  a case against slip-sheeted loads? Click here to find out in the Container Loading Format Showdown!
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Operation Sleighbells 2018

Operation Sleighbells 2018 Happy Holidays! For the third year in a row, Port Jersey Logistics donated holiday gifts to children in need through Family and Children Services (FCS) Monmouth's Operation Sleighbells. Port Jersey Logistics is appreciative of all that FCS does for the community and is honored to have sponsored 99 families through the toy drive. About FCS Monmouth: "With 109 years of history, Family & Children’s Service (FCS) is the oldest, private nonprofit social service agency in Monmouth County and a leading volunteer organization. We provide compassionate...
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